9 thoughts on “The SNICKERS® Write-Off

  1. Rita Brown

    Snickers is food and as such should not have gone in office expenses but in
    Meals & Entertainment for the convenience of the employer. Had Aimee not
    had the Snickers, she would have left the building to fulfill her
    nutritional needs, and that would have been inconvenient for the employer
    as her work would not have been completed. Arguably, this deduction was

    Meals & Entertainment are only 50% deductible, not 100% like office
    expenses. The examiner was correct – this was not office supplies and
    should be disallowed. An examiner will almost NEVER tell you that a
    deduction should be reclassified as something else – in this case, Meals &
    Entertainment for the convenience of the employer.

    Aimee, you should have hired a representative. No doubt you lost many
    other deductions that should have been legally allowed had you known the
    tax law. Thumbs down on the Tax Court for such a poor decision; our
    government is supposed to be for the people by the people – but they seem
    to be more out for themselves. Shame, shame, shame. Hope you framed that
    .89 cent check!

  2. James SoutheastMO

    When you do good things with your money it’s tax deductible.

    Give money to a charity..tax deductible, give money to your church..tax
    deductible, give money to send your kid to college, tax deductible….
    Snickers are good, why are they not tax deductible???

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