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Kent Hovind Discussion: Subpoena To IRS Agent, Jurisdiction, Prayer Requests, Legal Questions Paul

Do you have a video testimony for Pastor Kent Hovind or just words of encouragement or support for him? Send your YouTube video to ruddavis@yahoo.com and we will post it right here on Kent…

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Paul Hansen Discussion: Notice Of “Subpoena Duces Tecum” Upon IRS Agent Scott Schneider

Kent Hovind’s Co-Defendant Paul Hansen discusses the notice of “subpoena duces tecum” issued on IRS Agent Scott Schneider (more below) IRS Agent & Christian Persecutor Scott Schneider Is…

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Kent Hovind Responds to Amanda Kondrat’yev and IRS Agent Robert Baty of Defamation Page

Pastor Kent Hovind responds to Amanda Kondrat’yev, Peter Reilly’s friend, who posted article on Pastor Kent Hovind’s Dinosaur Adventureland. When Pastor Hovind defended himself Amanda posted…

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