25 thoughts on “Jack Benny Program 15 Nov 59 Mr and Mrs Jimmy Stewart Show

  1. William Anderson

    The date this was broadcast is Nov. 15, 1959, the night the Clutter family
    from Truman Capote’s In Cold Blood were murdered. Who knows, they may have
    been watching this shortly before it happened. 

  2. Dian L. Robbins

    He was married in 1927 to the time of his death in 1974, with one child.
    Loved his shows. The funniest thing I remember was during one of his
    monologues, a penguin on roller skates came out. It happened several times,
    getting lots of laughs. Haven’t found it anywhere yet. Hopefully someone
    will post it.

  3. kathy O'Neill

    Ha ha ha Incredible how we laugh whole heartedly at Benny’s antics Today’s
    sitcom writers might sure get some lessons…

  4. Joe Postove

    Were any of the one camera “movie style” shows done before a live audience?
    If so, it must have been a laborious process.

  5. pinbret

    that was fun don the announcer on the show was a great guy I knew him well
    in Del Mar California in the 90′s and by coincidence I knew Mr Eddie
    Anderson as a kid he sometimes baby set me at Hollywood Park horse racing
    track wonderful man also never met Jack Benny that I can remember …

  6. zardon4

    Also with Barbara Nichols as the goofy-voiced blonde who was Jack’s dinner
    date! She also re-appeared with the Stewarts in the 1960s episode when they
    go to a concert.

  7. John80220

    With Mary Livingston’s retirement after the 1958-59 season and the move
    from Revue (Universal) to Desilu’s studio complex, the filmed episodes went
    from being a single-camera format to a three-camera format, which Desilu of
    course had developed for “I Love Lucy”. This allowed for both a live studio
    audience and to use camera angles similar to Jack’s live CBS shows. This
    was one of the first filmed shows Jack did using the three-camera format.

  8. tomitstube

    barbara nichols (mildred meyerhauser) stole the show. mel blanc as the
    waiter. lol, “joe Gallagher (richard reeves), the 2nd string fullback at
    hollywood high.”

  9. thomas doak

    The wonderful Jack Benny and Jimmy Stewart I love this sketch and have been
    a fan of Jimmy Stewart since childhood, if you get the chance watch the
    Michael Parkinson interview with jimmy well worth it.

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