10 thoughts on “IRS Tax dollars go to Vatican/Bank of England – World Bank whistleblower

  1. christopher phillip skeates

    all male driven countries who do not give woman equality are broke because
    of male religeous greed at womans expence and the economy is for every one
    and can only opperate with equality or it will go broke and the queen is
    head of it all and all those who do not give equality will fall away in
    poverty as only the queen holds all power and all power is equality and it
    is mans own fault if he is destitute because wealth is for every one not a
    male religeous right thats why countries are bankrupt

  2. christopher phillip skeates

    hitler lost because england controls the worlds wealth not germany japan
    the arabs not any one can rule only england can and its prodestant male
    anglo saxon and white and I am the return of christ and I say thus is so as
    I am revelation 12 and I rule that it is so with the gun the iron rod thus
    I say wo to man for sin against woman and the worlds economy needs equality
    so both man and woman are equal in keeping the wealth stable for every one
    thus catholic males under the pope are broke by greed

  3. christopher phillip skeates

    the whole world owes england and the queen as she is the only person left
    who pays the army and once you loose the ability to pay the army you loose
    to who can and the pope lost his ability to pay the army back in henry the
    eigths time thats why he was able to break away from rome and create the
    new concept of england ruled by a parliament and still owns the world today
    even usa is under londons wealth as is the vatican and russia and china no
    one can escape queens wealth west minster system

  4. apsert

    Here in the uk IRS means Inland revenue. “Inland” Whereas IRS in America
    means INTERNAL revenue service. “INTERNAL” The British OWN your ass through
    banking. The Americans Pissed all over the Brits in the 1800′s and this is
    how they got you back. with covenant e.g contracts. This is why the
    President ALWAYS goes to the Queen when in the uk NEVER to 10 downing
    street. He is the PRESIDENT for a Corporation and now you know the frame
    work behind it. Prince Andrew? Duke of NEW YORK! not your in uk

  5. DudeLoveAndLight

    All this can be traced back to the District of Columbia Act of 1871. This
    act turned the United States of America into the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
    (note the caps) This turned the good ol USA country into a corporation.
    Yep! That’s it folks. Remember the American Revolution fought against the
    Red Coats of King George? Well, they came back on the sly as Banksters in
    1871. The final blow was the plot to hatch the Federal Reserve on Jekyll
    Island in 1913.

  6. DudeLoveAndLight

    What the DC Act of 1871 effectively did was to create a financial colony of
    the City of London (Crown Temple) House of Windsor (British Royal Family)
    and the Vatican. And for those who don’t know by now, the Federal Reserve
    is a quasi private Bank with no congressional oversight. This is in direct
    violation of the constitution. There has never been a full audit of the
    Fed, and if I’m not mistaken a partial audit was carried out in 2011 by the
    GAO and a report published.

  7. DudeLoveAndLight

    For those who have the desire to delve further check out “Season of
    Treason” by Kurt Kallenbach on youtube. It’s nearly two hours long but it’s
    an eye opener and a very bitter pill to swallow for anyone who still
    believes that elected officials have our best interests at heart.

  8. darwincity

    Well, the Vatican does need to get some cash, somehow, to finance the IOR.
    However, I do not really understand the need to send IRS cash to the Bank
    of England. Is it to purchase some favors from London?

  9. rusda2

    the Roman Catholic Church (vatican) is the whore, harlot, mother, babylon
    of Revelation who gets rich and makes rich the kings (governments) of the
    earth. the pope is the man, the antichrist, who has the number 666
    (vicarius filii dei). church and state will again unite and the whore will
    again show her filthy bloodthirst for the true followers of God.

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