29 thoughts on “How You Can Legally Avoid Paying US Income Tax (Aaron Russo)

  1. Roger Clemons

    Trance IT is annoyed because he is a some 75 year old coot who spent his life making good money and paying huge amount of income tax.
    Now he finds out the truth and is mad. ROFLMAO. Hey, somebody has to pay the big taxes to support Israheil and funding the CIA. You go girl.

  2. Roger Clemons

    People can read the facts on how the 16 amendment was or was not properly ratified and decide the issue. Sort of like the Holocaust.
    Most people are just not informed.
    Please ask if you ever have a question on the holohoax.

  3. TranceiT

    Halle-fucking-lujah. Yes, I’m a 100%, GradeA, Rainbow Waving, Lambda card-carrying G-A-Y. Splash, it’s time for you to meeeeeelt away.

    Oh, how you got from holocaust to gay marriage … well, you might want to see a psychiatrist, You’ve displayed or inferred 4/7 behavior characteristic commonly associated with schizophrenia: Delusions, Hallucinations, Disorganized speech (i.e., being unable to stay on topic), and Major difficulties with social relationships.

  4. TranceiT

    WHAT THE !@#$????
    No interest in talking taxes, yet you come here (a thread about taxes) calling me a moron and telling me the 16th amendment wasn’t ratified? Really?!? Who’s the one acting mature here? The debate here is about T-A-X-E-S.
    You want a thread about the holocaust and how it “never happened”, fine. Here’s a thought: act like a mature adult in a scholarly debate and STAY ON TOPIC. Here’s another: CREATE YOUR OWN THREAD (you can censor the blasphemy).
    Trog, be on your way.

  5. Roger Clemons

    I have no interest in talking taxes. However, I have spent 19 years investigating and researching the Holocaust and am happy to discuss any facet of that issue with you. I have been to all 6
    “death camps” in Poland, as a researcher. Not one American Holocaust professor can make that claim. You wanna hide behind your ad hominem insults or act like a mature adult in a scholarly debate?

  6. TranceiT

    Pray tell, what would that false premise be? (I’ll leave the grossly offensive, patently anti-semitic and overtly aryan comment to it’s own.)

  7. TranceiT

    Umm, you might it read it again. Here, read:

    Section 1. Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.

    Section 2. Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.

    Now, please explain where the 13th says I don’t have to pay taxes. Please include in your discussion as to how it overrides the 16th.

  8. TranceiT

    Oh good god, you’re one of those whack jobs that believes the 16th amendment wasn’t properly ratified and annuls the provision. I can blow holes the size of mack trucks in your arguments as well.

    Shall we begin?

  9. Anthony Parent

    And you can say “you can legally avoid paying income taxes” all you want. You can even say it behind bars.

    The valid arguments against the 16th Amendment, which there are numerous, are undermined when there is obstinate refusal to admit the federal courts get to say what the law is. They do, and they got a whole bunch of federal marshals to back them up.

  10. Roger Clemons

    The US government gives nearly 15% of the tax revenue collected to its spy agencies to carry out terror operations around the world. Source : John Stockwell, former CIA station chief. Another 45% is spent on offensive military weapon programs. Where does the Constitution state Americans must fund a terrorist
    operation, such as the CIA and NSA? Where does the Constitution state Americans of the Catholic religion must fund abortion clinics?

  11. edugal03

    If there is no law then challenge the IRS to provide the law that you must pay taxes. If they can’t provide that law then tell them that you will see them in court if they try to audit you or try to take your money by force. As the video says request a Freedom of Information as to the law that you are breaking.

  12. chris casteel

    absolutely correct. in order for my rights to even be heard by a judge i must ask permission to board the judges vessel while retaining my inalienable rights intact. they dont even bare our country’s true flag in the room and all pay royalties unto rome through maritime admiral jurisdiction which is law of the sea

  13. chris casteel

    prove that there is such law demanding a tax on labor and you can will 50,000 u.s. dollars. the 16th amendment wasn’t even ratified to be constitutional law

  14. RetSquid

    The Internal Revenue Code of 1954 was passed by both houses of Congress as House Resolution 8300, and was signed by President Eisenhower on August 16, 1954, at about 9:45 a.m., becoming Public Law 83-591, 68A Stat. 3. The Internal Revenue Code is now known as the “Internal Revenue Code of 1986″ as a result of changes made by Public Law 99-514, 100 Stat. 2085 (10/22/1986). Everything in Title 26 is “positive law’ even if the Title itself was not enacted.

  15. Matthew emerson

    RIGHT, and the worst part is all the courts, police, marshals military are all private companies,

    the only real law enforcement agency given authority by LAW is a MILITIA.

    many times do both constitutions give us liberties to govern ourselves and place restrictions on those who would enslave us all.

  16. Matthew emerson

    law is something most generally known to be punishable by death if not followed

    no stealing
    no fraud
    no murder …… to kill is a term of self defense
    no rape
    no business in gov.

    these are Laws, their called common laws,

    I stray from anything that will not directly call itself law, code books say code everywhere not LAW; code, then you find a reference to statute on .gov site; then statute has been changed to encompass rules and regulations NOT ACTUAL LAWS

  17. Matthew emerson

    incorrect, code by definition until 100 years ago was ::: RULES ::::: always has been, until someone changed the definitions to suit their agenda.

    and even better 26USC isnt even enacted into positive law, even though what you see is not our gov, WE THE PEOPLE make up our gov, our will, our rights, our humanity

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