12 thoughts on “Energy efficient log cabin construction workshop

  1. KynigosTheWolf

    it looks amazing, but i question its durability, wood expands and contracts
    over the course of a year. with such a tight fit, what is stopping the
    would from cracking and spliting as this occours ?

  2. James Cagney

    Not real impressed here,hey guess what I can build one out of a pile of #
    8s and fiberglass build my own form liners out of 36″ dia pvc pipe cut in
    half for a log face with reinforced concrete and pretend it’s a log cabin
    yeah corners two big deal. No problem so log builts are flammable so they
    split and splinter after a decade or two
    yeah OK maybe so.I’m thinking maybe maybe not who would pick one apart
    unless they had one built out of concrete ?

  3. Garden Sheds Devon

    Practically, incurring such energy efficient log cabin are quite rewarding
    and very interesting to me. Aside from conserving electricity it is more
    convenient and somewhat a very comfortable place to live. Thank you for
    extending great tips! 

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