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Income Tax Hialeah IRS Funny Videos. When it comes to preparing your Tax return its No joke. 305-823-9228. Corey Tax since 1984 has prepared tax returns so that they do not get IRS Letters


irs scam

recording of me messing with one of those scammers claiming they are from the IRS and threatening to have me arrested if I didn’t pay back taxes…enjoy !

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Jack Benny radio show 4/15/51 The IRS Visits Jack

For the second week in a row, Jack is visited by IRS agents who can’t believe he spent so little money on potential deductions. Later, Jack takes the Beavers to the circus.

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IRS Scam Rage Prank call

This scammer was calling random people trying to hustle money from people. i decided to call him and give him a piece of my mind ▻Twitter ▻Facebook…

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2015 Honda rancher 420 AT irs pulling yamaha

2015 Honda rancher at irs on 26in silverback xlites and snorkeled pulling out 1998 Kodiak 400 4×4 Sorry for the short video next one will be longer.

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safe helmet test pt1

please dnt try this at home! i repeat please dnt try this at home! the test dummy shown in this video is professionally licensed to be this retarded. no came…

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